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How are we different?

We bring the personal training quality of service and results into a fun group atmosphere. The workouts are scientifically programmed to deliver accelerated results in and increasing lean muscle mass, endurance and blitzing body fat.

What is Superstar Functional Physique Programme?

Our Functional Physique programme includes our signature strength and conditioning Bootcamp classes, Barbell classes and Engine Room classes.

The aim of Functional physique? To provide you with a strong, fit body that looks great and makes you feel amazing, capable of taking on all of life’s physical challenges.

If you want to improve sporting performance, your self-esteem, confidence, drop a dress size or look good in a t-shirt. Jump in one of our classes today. You won’t regret it!

What to Expect:

  • Learn functional movement patterns – squat, push, pull hinge and unilateral movements
  • An introduction to conditioning and mix modal training
  • Understanding the differing intensities required to build strength and increase fitness
  • An introduction to contrast training to develop both strength & power
  • Increased aerobic & anaerobic conditioning pieces.
  • A body that you are proud of, strong, and full of energy.

Our sessions always include mobility, strength/ technique work and a metabolic conditioning session (the fun sweaty part) With our mixed modal approach to training, this is the use of multiple types of movement to piece together strength and conditioning. Our programming harmonises all components of fitness allowing us to progress you in your individual training and accelerate your results.

What is Superstar Fat Loss programme?

We have developed a unique fat burning workout programme that we promise will produce startling results for you! We know it’s a big promise, yes, but if you are prepared to work hard and follow our advice then life changing fat loss results can potentially be yours. Grand words, we know, but you can check out our fat loss results on our transformations page and throughout the website to see what we’ve helped others to achieve. You would be amazed at how much your body shape could change in a short space of time. The difference with Superstar in your corner is we will educate you to keep it off. If you work hard and are willing to be coached by our extremely knowledgable, motivational coaches you will get amazing results. Remember, everyone of our coaches has gone through some form of transformation themselves to get where they are! We know how you are feeling and the hardest part is starting!

It’s a crazy world we live in where more people go to the gym than ever before, yet they don’t seem to get the results they desire. Why?! The fat loss and quick fix workout programmes you read about in magazines and online sold to you by ‘celebrities’ and influencers are often based on out-of-date exercise science and nutrition information, often tailored to generate money and sell you ‘amazing’ products. ‘ get ripped in 5 minutes a day’ yeah right. If that were true, we wouldn’t have a job and everyone would already be walking around with solid ab muscles! We will never lie to you, it’s going to be hard work, but we promise to make your journey enjoyable and offer you support every step of the way. If you stick to 90% of what we say, you will achieve great things!

Spending countless hours on the stationary bike or treadmill is boring and a drain on your precious free time. It’s also counterproductive and detrimental to your body both hormonally, giving the body less energy, less muscle, and more fat!

Sports performance and conditioning science has developed rapidly over the last decade and continues to move forward. It’s the latest fat loss research which we base our workouts on, means that you lose more fat more rapidly than ever before whilst promoting your lean muscle growth, therefore increasing muscle tone and body shape that gets you in the clothes you want to wear with pride.

I’m Female, will I get bulky as I only want to lose weight?

Fitness and lifting is in fashion. Size zero is out, the media are now starting to celebrate a strong, athletic and healthy female body image and here at Superstar so do we.

Effective resistance training promotes fat loss, yet most don’t include it in their programmes. If they do it normally by incorporating the outdated method of low weight and high repetitions. Sure, that’s good for developing muscular endurance and making you feel like you are doing something however it does very little for fat burning and metabolic shifting. With Superstar Fitness you will lift weights in such a fashion that you hold onto your muscle (1lb of muscle equals 50 calories burnt a day – that soon adds up) whilst also stoking your metabolic furnace to a whole new level!

We don’t just run Bootcamp classes and strength classes, we have Bootcamp ‘Lite’ our 30 minute express class, light in weight yes, this class can still provide great cardiovascular results and fat loss, the workout is only 20 minutes long with some mobility work to give you a great class perfect for pre school run or for the busy professionals.

We will help you lift, push, pull, punch, kick and ski to achieve not only fat loss but a stronger fitter you.

What results can I expect at Superstar Fitness?

1. Noticeable fat loss within 14 days ( if you follow as advised by at least 90%)

2. More energy: you will have a spring in your step

3. Better skin tone as a result of the clean diet and toxin free lifestyle;

4. Less ‘bloating’ your waist will start to return

5. Better sleep quality

6. After six weeks, a slimmer and more confident you will be looking back in the mirror;

7. Jealous glances from friends, family and colleagues!

Bad bits….. A small hole in your wallet as you start buying better fitting clothes, who doesn’t like shopping!

Enquire right now and start your fat loss journey with us.

What if I miss a workout?

We use an app called SugarWOD, which means every night the next day’s workout is sent direct to your phone. You can log your scores, weights, time and track your progress. It even has video demonstrations of all the exercises. Your very own pocket Personal Trainer to be used anywhere.

Should you miss out on a class (we understand this happens in everyone’s busy lifestyle) you can catch up in one of our ‘open gym’ times where an coach is always on hand to assist you.

Am I fit enough?

Simple answer… YES! The workouts are created so that they can be adapted to anyone and your coach will always provide alternatives.

You do not need to be fit to join us. All you do need is a desire to get fit and learn, a ‘can do’ attitude with a bit of banter thrown in along the way. We train hard however we also laugh hard too. Our socials are always full and the gym really has become a great community in and out of classes.

We understand that for many people this is the only hour of the day you actually get to yourself, and we will do everything we can to make it the best hour of your day.


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Working hours

Monday – Friday:
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