Lean Muscle Mass Gain

Whether it is shaping/toning your body, gaining strength or generating explosive power for sports, lean muscle mass is the ultimate material within your body!
You will generate most muscle mass and do it efficiently and quickly with big compound moves using large muscle groups. For example, the bench press for your upper body, squats and deadlifts for back and legs! Using these muscles in your workout means that you will exhaust and break down large quantities of muscle cells, therefore stimulating large amounts of muscle growth and repair.
The type of muscle you want to build and YOUR specific goals will dictate the range of repetitions (reps) and sets that you will complete for each of your exercises. For example, a strength goal would require sets of reps from 1-4 with large rest periods in-between each set. However, another person looking to shape and tone their muscles would benefit from completing sets of 12-16 reps with minimal rest periods in-between. With Superstar Fitness we will provide you with muscle working programmes perfect for your own individual goals.