Nutrition & Weight management

Do you train hard? Rarely miss a session? Always change things up and increase intensity? You still not seeing the results and changes to your body that you want? Well this could be why... NUTRITION. You must train and eat right to get your desired physique! You can’t do it with just one or the other. In fact you could almost argue that nutrition is more essential than exercise.
Ok then, so nutrition (not diet) can include so many factors. The first to learn is calorific balance, the key to weight management. As a basic rule if you take your bodyweight in kilograms (kg) and multiply by 22, you should get a general indication of your average day calorie burn without training. If you are eating more calories than that where you think they going to go?

Macronutrients- The Big Three

Protein- A fundamental component of all cells and essential for muscle growth and repair.
Carbohydrates – The body’s preferred source of fuel. CARBOHYDRATES ARE ESSENTIAL!!! Please don’t cut them out totally you will sacrifice your training intensity- it is the timing and quantity of carbohydrates that needs to be monitored!
Fats – Alternative energy source to carbohydrates and essential for cell structure.
Water- Not a macro-nutrient however our body is 60-70 % of good old H2O! Therefore it is essential! Cells won’t grow without it and your body won’t function to its best ability unless you keep the water tank filled up!  You should aim for about 4 litres of water per day with another litre for every hour of intense training. Remember water is cheap and calorie free, Yes!!!
Getting the macro-nutrient balance correct for your goal is vital! When training with superstar fitness we want you to be successful so we will work with you to make sure your nutrition is correct to get you to where you want to be. Through education and guidance with continuous support we can help you achieve.

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