Running and Event Training

At Superstar Fitness we know how important having a goal is and this could be physiological, physical or even and event you have registered for. These days there are so many to choose from marathons, 10k runs, fun runs, triathlons, treks, cycling events, obstacle style events such as ‘Tough Mudder’ and many more!
You tell us what it is you want to be ready for and we will make sure you are all good to go on event day. We have experience in completing lots of different events and know exactly what fitness and lifestyle requirements are needed for a top performance.
We will research your event, look at your strengths and look where we need to improve to help you through the event. We will create an easy to follow training plan specific to your event as well as a nutritional guide and plan to get the most out of your body ready to ace your event. We will work together every step of the way. When event day comes you will be primed and ready to go then its all you and where the hard work will pay off. When you cross that finish line we can guarantee you a massive sense of achievement! We will be ready to do it all again for your next event ?