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Superstar Fitness Academy

What Is Superstar Fitness Academy?

It is a helping hand, a wing man, a team in your corner or simply your friend that’s going to help you understand and navigate you through your fitness journey. It would be easy for me to just send you plans and say get on with it but just as I do when I teach classes or coach one to one I’m a big believer in understanding why you are doing something, in my experience I think you get better and quicker results when your mind is focused in on what you are trying to achieve.

This doesn’t mean you need to go out and cancel your classes or the instructors that you work with, as I said it’s a helping hand and something that gets conversation flowing with those who are trying to help you achieve your goals. This leads me nicely on to questions, so please ask them. I’d rather answer questions you have than try and guess what I think you want to know. Please contact me and I will use your questions in future emails. I’m not saying I have all the answers however with my years of working with many individuals, in a variety of formats I have gained hours upon hours of experience and understand people as well as being qualified in instructing health and fitness advice. Whatever I don’t know I will research and provide you the answers along with my personal opinion to help steer you in the correct direction.


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