Reviews of our service by people who have used it.

Gives you the mental mindset you need to keep pushing and winning! No matter how hard you thought your last session was, your next one will be harder with new challenges and goals! Hurts like hell but in the best way and when you get those results... you'll sign up for a few more sessions! Worth every penny

Kayleigh Caughey

Over the last few months I’ve tried really hard to lose weight without much success. As a mum of a one year old, finding the time to exercise regularly too at times seems impossible. So I am so happy with the results I’ve achieved in the last two weeks following a Superstar body burn nutrition guide. I’ve been able to eat normal meals, dairy, meats and carbs. Loads of veggies and even the odd treat!! It’s sustainable unlike many of the other diets I’ve tried. 100% worth a try! I’m so happy to have lost 3kg in just under two weeks - and that’s with only walking with the pram as exercise!! I’m so excited for the next few weeks. I can finally see a way forward with my weight, so thanks Lee!

Esther Batstone

Just completed 7 weeks of bootcamp with Lee and an amazing group of team mates. The results for everyone in the team were outstanding! I could actually see the difference in my team buddies week on week! Personally my strength has far increased, I am leaner and more importantly healthier! I’m a runner who suffered lots of issues with supporting my knee - wasn’t long before I built enough strength to get back to running once again, injury free! I also timed a silver on a recent sportive on the bike so not too shabby at all. The most important benefit I found was releasing stress, socialising with great people and the amount of enjoyment I got out of it. The sessions are so informative, great support with technical moves and form and the guidance with nutrition is plentiful and sensible! Signed up for another 7 weeks, no brainer really!

Lorraine Pocock

I have been training with Lee for roughly 1.5 years, I have never had one session the same, part of the anticipation of not knowing what you're going to do for me is a good thing. Sessions are hard but always achievable with encouragement from Lee. He also delivers online coaching, a must if short of time.

Heather Pring

If you want results - weight loss,toning, good food advice then Lee Owen is your man. Sessions are hard but good fun. Definitely recommend lee - easy going - strict (in a Good way) and very encouraging :) do it do it

Kirsty Donkersley

Several times I was told I was too small to lift heavy weights, don't you believe it, have confidence in yourself and Lee will do the rest! Love it!

Jane Evans

Yet another awesome PT session this morning. You make me believe I can do it and I can!!

Mary-Ellen Harris

The best pt in the world. Pushes you to your limit and a bit further.

Michelle Liggett

Perfect trainer for losing weight, Building muscle and just getting ALOT fitter overall.

Sam East

I love it ???? best gym going!!!Full of amazing coaches and team mates?? xx

Jess- may-lang

Boot camp gave me a whole new insight into what it is to be strong. You meet so many awesome coaches and team mates that encourage you to be the best version of yourself, to battle whatever may need battling and to push your limits. Physically, it doesn’t matter how much you can lift, or can’t lift (in my case!) nor does it matter your size, your stamina or your physical ability. We’re all there for the same reasons. The ability for the box to be able to cater the workouts to your abilities yet still workout as a team is what makes the box special. It’s tough, but it’s also home to the nicest people I’ve met, the best workouts and where I feel my strongest. Give it a go, feel the results. ????????????

Megan Bride

Best coaches in Wellington. You are made to feel part of the family, no matter your fitness level. Coaches you can rely on and fellow fitness fanatics who are supportive. I would recommend anyone joining no matter your fitness level. Thank you to all of you for all your help and encouragement. Can't wait to see the fitfam grow, xx

Rachel Wwicks

Without question the best gym in Wellington. Quality trainers.. and lots of them! We are spoilt. I’ve spent years taking part in classes like spin and yes they kept me slim but they didn’t make me strong or even fit to be honest. 5 months in and my physique has changed for the better. I’ve met some great new friends and all of the members are very supportive/friendly. If you are serious about change then this is the place for you. *What you won’t get in this gym is beef cakes and gym bunnies posing in mirrors, constantly on their phones. Horayyy!

Lorraine Pocock